An auto-responder email is a an e-mail that's sent from your mailbox as the reply to each e-mail that you get. The message is predetermined and is sent automatically, so every single person that contacts you via electronic mail will get it when their message is received on the server that takes care of your e-mails. This function is used if you need to notify individuals about different things, such as being out of the office for a given time period or that the purchase has been received and is being processed. The auto-responder e-mail in addition serves as a confirmation for anyone who contact you their message is received, if you are unable to read it and get back to them straight away. It can contain any text that you choose and also it can be revised with respect to the particular occasion.
Auto-responder Emails in Web Hosting
If you need to create an auto-responder message for any email address made in a web hosting plan with our company, it will not take you more than several mouse clicks to do this. You can view an index of all e-mail addresses which you have inside the Emails section of the Hepsia Control Panel, which will come with all of the hosting accounts. For each one of them, you will notice a little auto-responder button and everything you have to do will be to click it, type the content that you'll want to use and save the change - it is as easy as that. Setting up an auto-responder for multiple e-mails and editing or deleting an existing auto-responder is just as simple and can be done at any time. There will be a different image for any mailbox with an enabled auto-responder inside the Emails section, so you'll have the ability to keep a count with ease and change the status of the feature at any moment if required.
Auto-responder Emails in Semi-dedicated Servers
You will be able to activate the auto-responder option for any of your e-mail addresses if you use a semi-dedicated server plan with us. The custom Hepsia Control Panel, used to manage the website hosting packages, is really intuitive and simple to operate, so adding an auto-responder will take you only a couple of mouse clicks - all it takes to do this is to navigate to the Emails section, click on the auto-responder button for any specific email address, enter the message that you'd like to be sent by our system to people who contact you through mail and save the change. In an identical way you'll be able to also change the text or entirely remove it if an auto reply is not required. Hepsia in addition will allow you to activate an auto-responder for numerous email addresses at the same time.